Personalised digital coach

Our digital performance coach leverages our proprietary machine learning algorithm and analysis application, to provide traders with actionable analysis, insights and suggestions on how to improve their algorithms and achieve higher levels of profitability and performance.

Guiding traders towards success


Walk forward analysis

Whilst backtesting provides traders with valuable information it is only one part of the evaluation process. Our walk forward analysis application provides correlation between backtesting, out-of-sample and forward data to accurately forecast performance and provide further confirmation on how effective the algorithm is before you execute any trades.


Integrity testing

Over time, algorithms have a tendency to accumulate many layers of logic, parameters, and adjustments for specific situations resulting in poor overall performance. Our analytical insights provide quantifiable evidence and metrics traders can use to simplify their strategies and improve performance whilst maintaining the integrity of their strategies.


Optimisation analytics

Our multi-variable optimisation algorithm automatically tests a range of values for the indicators and parameters to calculate the optimal combination of inputs that maximise performance. The calculations are designed to guide traders on specific changes and improvements that can be implemented to increase the probability of success.

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