Flow-based programming for traders and developers

Building on the success of our candlestick-trading indicator, the Bytemine signal builder application provides a simple method for traders with no coding expertise to create and backtest your own trading signal indicators

Transform your ideas and strategies into fully automated trading signals


Create your own trading signals

Use our intuitive flow-based programming tool to identify key trading signals



Test your strategy against 10 years of market data to measure its effectiveness



Utilize our pre-built integrations to deploy your new trading signal without any delay



Execute live trades using your new signal and start anticipating market moves ahead of the competition

Stay focused on trading

No Code

Our graphical user interface makes it simple to create complex and powerful trading strategies without the need for any coding knowledge

Trade Automation

Fully automate your strategy and remove the stress associated with trading by avoiding the need to constantly monitor the markets for hours to find trading opportunities

How it works


Simply submit your details to the Bytemine application form and register for free access


Build your own trading strategy with our intuitive flow-based programming tool


Backtest your strategy using 10 years of market data and promulgate the results to brokers to build confidence


Start paper-trading your strategy using our broker integrations to see real-time results

Have more questions about our application?

Contact our technical team to learn how to integrate, test, and scale using Bytemine

Getting started is easy

Start turning opportunities into profitable trades using our signal builder application.