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Create your own trading algorithm using the Bytemine application and compete virtually to win a cash prize

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Build your own trading algorithm using own intuitive flow-based programming tool.


Back test using 10 years of market data and then forward test to build confidence.


Enter into the competition and trade using real market data to simulate the results.

Compete in a risk-free environment

The Bytemine platform gives you the opportunity to earn from algorithmic trading in a completely risk-free environment - without the need to trade with any of your capital!

Using the Bytemine signal builder tool to create profitable trading strategies is simple and enables you to deploy trading strategies using live market data in our simulated environment. Track your performance and compare your results against your peers.

Sharpe Ratio and Risk-Adjusted Returns

We use the Sharpe ratio to evaluate algorithm performance so we can consider risk and reward at the same time when scoring all the competition entries.

The Sharpe Ratio is the most appropriate method, as it allows us to determine how well the rate of return increase is relative to the risk taken, therefore, highlighting whether profits originated from smart algorithm strategies or simple methods take excessive risks.

For the purpose of the competition, we accept that the higher the Sharpe Ratio is, the higher the risk-adjusted performance is. When comparing strategies, the highest ratio would theoretically provide a higher return at the same risk level or the same return at a lower risk level.

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